The Vietnamese Pigs couple

Rodrigue and Carlita

Rodrigue and Carlita are only waiting for one thing … for you to bring them  salads, fruits and bread! It will not remain a single crumb!

The Dwarf goats

Nicolas and Pimprenelle

The Ponies

Quetsche et Nautilus

Our little shetland and our pony are waiting for your hugs and caresses.

Our Ram Rabbits

Fusain et Macadam

Coiled up in their hutch, our Aries rabbits will delight children… and grown-ups!

Our ornamental silk and beijing hens

Henriette, Juliette, Antoinette...

Very close to humans, these pretty ornamental chickens live freely within the Farm. Young and old can go get the eggs in their chicken coop!

Our elegant purebred cats

Plume et Rosie

Our pretty Maine-Coon Rosie is a real ball of tenderness just waiting for your hugs. As for feather, our magnificent Persian cat, she will show you her talent as a huntress!

Our crested Ducks

Jules et Henri

You will have plenty of time to admire our crested ducks that roam freely within the farm

The Rooster : Bernardo

....and the barnyard!

Bernado is proud of his ladies who produces good homemade eggs!