The Vietnamese Pigs couple

Rodrigue and Carlita

Rodrigue and Carlita are only waiting for one thing … for you to bring them  salads, fruits and bread! It will not remain a single crumb!

The Mouton Of Ouessant Family

Rubandine, Cobic et Cobac

Our Quiet and Loving sheep Family are looking forward to your caresses

The Dwarf goats

Nicolas and Pimprenelle

The Rooster : Bernardo

....and the barnyard!

Bernado is proud of ladies who produces good homemade eggs!

Our Donkey


Real Veteran of La Ferme de ‘L’Oudon Bernadette Annesse is the first resident of the Farm! She is more that 30 years old and she still looks great.

The Ponies

Quetsche et Nautilus

Our little shetland and our pony are waiting for your hugs and caresses.