La Ferme de L’Oudon welcomes you in complete safety

Welcome to La Ferme de L’Oudon

You can  rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure you have a safe and peaceful stay in our pretty Norman farmhouse. Do not hesitate to consult our information note on this subject. The health pass is not mandatory to stay in our establishment and enjoy the catering, but it will be asked for all access to the SPA.


At La Ferme de L’Oudon, we are lucky to be able to offer fully individual and independent accommodations nestled in the heart of our magnificent Normandy countryside. All of our accommodation has an independent entrance leading directly to the outside of the farm building, thus preventing our guests from crossing paths and limiting the risk of physical contact. In addition, all our accommodations have either a garden, a patio or a private terrace for a stay in complete independence and privacy. Enjoy a stay in the great outdoors in complete serenity.

However, in order to limit the risks of infection linked to the virus, rest assured that our entire team has implemented new hygiene and distancing measures to ensure you a safe stay. Below are many of the answers to questions you may have.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. The entire Ferme de L’Oudon team is mobilizing to provide you with as much detail as possible on this subject.

What hygienic measures are in place to ensure the safety of our guests?

Our team undertakes to apply the implementation of barrier measures which are:

-Maintain a distance of at least one meter between people
-Cover your mouth and nose with the crease in your elbow or a disposable handkerchief if you cough or sneeze
-Greet each other without shaking hands, avoid kissing
-Wash hands thoroughly and regularly, with soap and water and wipe them with disposable paper preferably, in the absence of a water point use a hydroalcoholic solution
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Our reception team is specifically committed to:

-Wear a mask when interacting with our hosts
-Put a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel at the disposal of customers and a bottle behind the desk for the person receiving the hosts
-Receive only one person at the reception
-Put a box at the reception so that our guests can deposit the keys to their accommodation so that we can disinfect them
-Invite our guests to wash their hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gel before starting the administrative formalities
-Clearly display the hygiene measures taken by our teams
-Disinfect the credit card terminal between each payment
-Provide all our guests with bottles of hydroalcoholic gels in the accommodation

Our cleaning staff specifically commit between each stay of our guests to:

-Clean with particular care the door handles, switches, taps, remote control and any accessory that may have been in contact with the hand.
To do this, use cleaning products specifically recommended for the disinfection of COVID 19
-Wear a mask
-Use standard household gloves for cleaning surfaces and changing sheets.
-Wash your gloved hands (household gloves) between each room with soap and water
-Strictly comply with the instructions “Kit Lutte COVID-19” given to them.
-Wash and disinfect SPA floors and infrastructures regularly with a product specifically recommended for COVID 19 disinfection
-In order to best protect our cleaning staff, we will ask our kind hosts to leave their towels in a basket for this purpose when they leave.

How will the breakfast service take place?

In order to take no risk, we decided to close the breakfast room and serve them directly in accommodation at no additional cost.

Will dinner continue to be served?

Yes. Our dinners will continue to be served personally by the Chef in your Room or Guest House. Our chef undertakes to comply with all of the aforementioned hygiene measures and to apply the implementation of barrier measures when serving your dinner.

Will access to the Spa change?

Yes. We are expanding our spa hours from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. so that everyone can make the most of our wellness area. However, we ask our guests to use our facilities privately, one accommodation after another, to avoid contact with other Farm hosts. The SPA will be accessible to all independently and privatized with an efficient cleaning system between each use. To do this, we have set up a system for disinfecting the SPA. Finally in we replaced our cups with disposable cups made of recyclable cardboard to ensure optimal hygiene for all our guests.

Will Wellness Treatments always be offered? What measures will be put in place?

Yes, we will continue to offer our wellness treatments. In order to guarantee you a moment of relaxation in complete safety, we undertake to scrupulously respect all applicable hygienic measures:

-Disinfection of the cabin and massage table after and before each treatment
-Mask worn by our practitioner,
-Thorough washing of hands and forearms
-Discontinuation of facial treatments and massages

We are committed to doing our utmost to continue to offer you quality wellness care while being extremely vigilant. Health is everyone’s business, by acting civically and responsibly we protect ourselves and others. We therefore thank you for disinfecting your hands and taking a shower just before your treatment.

Dear Hosts, rest assured that we are fully involved in the fight against Covid-19. If you have any questions on this subject, do not hesitate to contact Charlotte at  Plase be sure that we are committed to doing everything in order to ensure you a safe stay so that you can fully enjoy the place of serenity and tranquility that is the Ferme de L’Oudon. Stay safe and take care.