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Essential towns

Sometimes called the "City of a Hundred Spires", the city has inherited an exceptional heritage, it has preserved over the centuries until the 2d World War. City of William the Conqueror, Caen is located a few km from the landing beaches and seaside resorts.
town of Cabourgtown of Cabourg

> Website of the Tourist Office and revisit the history through the inevitable Caen Memorial

Normandy seaside town, it is considered, with its casino, palaces, villas classified, its racetracks, marinas, congress center, the American Film Festival, golf courses and nightclubs as one of most prestigious in France.

> Website of the city of Deauville

Lovers of port cities in retro style will be delighted by Cabourg. Walk on the beach of Cabourg, and Marcel Proust promenade, discover the Belle Époque façade whose scent still drunk on the streets of the charming resort style... According to the Grand Hotel constitute "one of the most consistent beach sets and best preserved of the Belle Epoque."
> Website of the town of Cabourg

Located in the heart of the Pays d' Auge, the Cider Route, is Beuvron figure postcard with its timbered houses, its halls and mansions scattered throughout the countryside. This village classified among the most beautiful villages in France, worth a visit.

> Discover the village of village de Beuvron-sur-Auge

Other recommended visits

The Abbey of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives
This Benedictine abbey founded in the 11th century is one of the most complete sets of monastic architecture in Normandy. Distinguishing features: Towers, 2 floors, its 5 chapels and ambulatory its meridian line that illuminates the midday sun, depending on the season, one of the zodiacal signs on each side.
> Website of Saint Pierre sur Dives and its Route des Saveurs (road of the flavors).

Les Jardins du pays d'Auge (gardens)
You're in the heart of the Pays d'Auge in a protected setting where the owners have created a garden of 4 hectares classified "remarkable garden" by the Minister of Culture and Communication . Ideal and unusual, with a fully renovated building Auge with its apple press. Not to mention the private chapel and oratory.
> A Cambremer, voir les Jardins du Pays d'Auge

Le Domaine Huet
Located on the Cider Route, family Domaine Pierre Huet produces and sells Calvados, Normandy and the knob Cider. On 30 acres of orchards Domain composed of upper and lower stems apple, there are more than 25 varieties of cider apples.

> Discover Calvados Pierre Huet 

The Basilica of Lisieux
The Basilica of Lisieux is one of the largest and most impressive churches in the twentieth century. Despite misgivings, the project to build a basilica was planned in 1925, the year of the canonization of Teresa, Bishop Lemonnier bishop of Bayeux- Lisieux. The decision was officially taken on September 21, 1927. She answered the need to accommodate the pilgrims whose number grew phenomenally. The building, built to last, is a strength and a remarkable quality. Its imposing reinforced concrete frame is complemented by the granite and marble Vire, which gives it a rock solid.
> More about Basilique de Lisieux

Two remarkable castles

Vendeuvre Castle
In this magical place, you will find the museum of miniature furniture, the first collection in the world - everyday life in the 18th century castle that has retained its furniture and decor home - splendid collection of niches pet them cuisines and flavors. A great ride awaits you in the many gardens surrounding the castle garden utility, topiary garden, water "surprises", romantic garden mazes and exotic garden garden!

Crèvecoeur Castle
Unique example of a lordship miraculously preserved, Crevecoeur has come down to us almost intact. Accessed by a single bridge, and home to the manor house, ie the house of the Lord, the High Court is protected by moats filled with water, her mound and the wall of the twelfth century, pierced with loopholes.  The medieval Norman history is there, alive , moving, captivating !